Jill scott on black men dating white women

He’s a black activist whose appeal to black women is intrinsically tied to his constant acknowledgment of the struggles specific to black womanhood.In his epic speech at last year’s BET Awards, Jesse Williams said this: “This is also, in particular, for the black women who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves.Those Kanye lyrics started as a cutting observation and now, they’ve become a hurtful cliché.Is Jesse Williams, Woke Bae of all Woke Baes, now a f-cking cliché?The groom wore a simple black tux, accessorized with a black bowtie and white rose boutonniere, according to .The hush-hush ceremony was filled with candles and gorgeous lighting, and the reception was tented, keeping with the couple's request for an intimate, party vibe.

I know this story is some f-cksh-t but it still stings every time I read it.

We can and will be better for you.” He also said he was, “done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us.” When I was re-watching his speech, which holds up as breathtaking, vital social commentary, I thought about Aryn Drake-Lee and also all of the black girls who stanned for Jesse Williams partially because he had a black woman who look like her –curly hair, naturally curvy body and all—beside him, holding him down while he rose to fame.

When Jesse said that Aryn “stuck with [him] through thick and thick and thick and thin,” that meant something.

Actor leaves non-famous wife (allegedly) for another actor. If it were another actor, we would probably classify this as good gossip and have a team e-mail thread going dissecting the split.

We are in the business of writing about celebrity breakups.

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